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Arthur Walwin | Album Review | For One More Night

Arthur Walwin’s theme autobiographical songs about love and loss can often be cliché in the music industry. However, Walwin manages to pull it off with style and grace, incorporating something a little different into his work that sets him apart from the crowd.

Blame it on the Weather opens his record with gentle workings, his vocals taking centre stage to frame his lyrics with ideal precision. This is not about the ending; this is not about your words summarises the message of his song in two lines that are above all relatable, a key element in attracting listeners to music. The pained drawl of Walwin’s vocals can be testing at times however they fit perfectly at the same time, hinting at a softer version of an American pop ballad.

His talents as both a writer and producer can be seen in Older Posts. The track at first appears to sound simple as his voice is straight forward but with closer listening it is evident there is a delicate balance of sounds encompassed into the space of a few minutes to create it. Slow enough for a lazy-Sunday track, the track is relaxed and chilled but with undercurrents of the pain of the relationship he sings so passionately about. The listener can’t help but wonder who he’s singing about and what went on – again adding the story-telling elements into his music to make it all the more priceless.

Romantic and easy on the ears, Arthur Walwin has a record that is unusual for this side of the Atlantic and would appeal to a wide range of listeners with ease.

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Posted on Sun 13th January 2013 and filed under Featured.

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