Get Cubs – To The Mountains

Get Cubs | To The Mountains | Album Review

Sometimes the best things can come from the unlikeliest of places. This is certainly the case with Burton-on-Trent five-piece Get Cubs. Formed in 2010, Get Cubs quickly picked up a devoted fan base and a deal with Trap6 Records. With an EP already under their belt, last month saw the release of début album To The Mountains and with a UK tour planned for 2013, next year looks set to be a very exciting time for Get Cubs.

While many will have you believe that British music is in danger amid the cloud of illegal downloads and venue closures one thing is not in doubt – that there is a real boom of new bands and artists in the UK at the moment. The only stumbling block is sifting through all the mundane, monotonous tosh that seems to repeated and copied time and time again. That is the danger for the new bands of today, the danger of sounding like everything else from a music scene that, while soaring, could soon see an over-saturation of bands sounding too similar to one another.

The thing that Get Cubs do with immense precision and success on To The Mountains is to take some of the best parts of the current sound and to forge their own brand of sparkly, danceable guitar music with a tint of Americana.

Opening track Mañana sets the feeling for the rest of the album brilliantly. Bright, picked guitars coincide with a deep pulsating bass line to produce a track that instantly makes your foot tap on the ground. It is everything that makes To The Mountains great, that ability to make you want to dance immediately after pressing play – up beat indie pop at it’s best.

It’s not all foot-tapping and fun times here though. There are parts on Sights & Sounds that are reminiscent of Foals early work on Antidotes. The beginning harks back to the math-rock sound that almost dominated British music for a couple of years back in 2006. It is another example of Get Cubs taking a particular sound and adapting it to their own identity, all the time keeping their own character.

Get Cubs | To The Mountains | Album Review

To The Mountains is an album full of surprises. The first couple of tracks hint at a very tried and tested method, while the vocals seem to be somewhat limited. However, as soon as you get past those initial tracks and on to Delilah, one of the stand-out tracks on the album, you can see how they put that supposed limited voice to great use, proving that there is range that seemed to not be there at the beginning.

Plastic Parade is another highlight and one that offers more depth and another level to the album. The inclusion of acoustic guitar, tambourine and heavier drums shows that Get Cubs are definitely not a one trick pony. It is a great way to break up the album and offer another dimension in the middle of it.

There are a lot of noticeable influences on To The Mountains. One cannot ignore the nod to Two Door Cinema Club that some of the guitar work evokes, nor the infectious choruses that bring back memories of The Wombats. However, as stated earlier, the most noticeable aspect to this brilliant album is that none of the songs sound too similar to any of these renowned bands. Instead each song has its very own Get Cubs staple, something that is testament to this bands ethos and work ethic. Look out for Get Cubs over the next year; it may be hard to miss them.

You can listen to To The Mountains at their soundcloud page.

To purchase the album go to their official Band Camp page or buy it on iTunes

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