Jack Savoretti – Breaking All the Rules

Jack Savoretti | Breaking the Rules

After the success of his first album, Savoretti’s returned with a fresh collection to take on the road.

In Breaking All the Rules, his deep, mournful voice aches with every word he sings so that, even when the lyrics slip into unashamed cliché, it still sounds heartfelt and genuine.

The song is well-crafted with strings for heightened drama and a steady, snapping snare. The unrelenting drum beat creates the impression that you’re there by his side on the off-set to a great journey: decisive, reliable and set squarely in the middle of the road.
Perhaps the familiarity comes from the smooth, faultless production of Martin Terefe, which brings with it hefty overtones of James Morrison. However, where Savoretti may be breaking ground personally, musically he’s not.

Nothing about Savoretti’s new single seems like it’s breaking the rules or even taking a risk. In fact it has all the comfortable familiarity of a classic old tune and the confident, poetic style you’d expect from an experienced crooner or blues artist.

With his winter tour just coming to an end, perhaps his steps will find him a new direction and further successes in 2013. Sure to be a hit with anyone who appreciates easy, melodic music; an all-round pleaser.

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