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Blue Screen Of The Death | Album Review

With a name that would strike fear in the hearts of most people in today’s technology times, The Blue Screen of Death is instantly interesting. Indeed this transgresses well into their music, not only in sound but more generally in their style and the atmosphere their music creates.

Opener Let It Go sets you up to do just that, forget all about the musical expectations you have and be open-minded to what lies ahead. The electric guitar interludes are worthy of a head-bang or two. From their lyrics their ethos is clear, ‘Now you see it, now you don’t / Just let it go’, giving the listener a sense that they’re as care free and as laid back as they come.

Highlight Fool’s Façade showcases the bands talent with jagged and edgy guitar parts that run throughout the whole track to create a funky number you can strut down the street to – rain or shine. Imaginative and original lyrics put the icing on their cake, honest, blunt and relatable; ‘The world will see you’re fake / Within the walls of your façade / Never show them who you are’.

The honesty of the band puts them a chord above the rest, their humour and quick wit coming through their music to let the listener know that although the take their music seriously, there is still fun to be had. For a band to incorporate such a variety of factors into their music is unusual. At times this formula of spinning plates falters slightly in that the music becomes a chaotic mash of chords; however this is part of the overall appeal. A band that is perfect all of the time is lacking not only in originality but also something relatable.

Back Against The Wall packs another punch that’s a little rough around the edges. The vocals take a back seat to the overall impression of the track, allowing the drum and guitar work to shine through to an impressive end.

To name the final track of an album as Fatal Error for any band is a subconscious risk, however it closes The Blue Screen of Deaths album with pride. The more relaxed and casual tone to the track adds in a missing element to the album. Plus, it includes the band’s name, ‘I must confess, I’m obsessed with the screen of death’ so you’ll be sure to remember them once the album comes to a close – subtle.

Although a little lacking in lustre and energy, the band still has a vibe around them that’s cool and a little bit quirky. However they would be more suited playing in small venues than big festivals and stadiums without the catchy anthems that are dominating the industry at the moment.

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Posted on Tue 27th November 2012 and filed under Albums, Reviews.

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