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Liz Lawrence | Acoustic Live Stream | Interview

Last week saw NBM review the fantastic single Oo Song by the young and talented Liz Lawrence. Tonight (26−11−12 3pm EST) she will be performing a rare live acoustic set that is sure to captivate the audience with her sweet vocals and tender guitar-playing. NBM caught up with Liz to ask a few questions before the airing of the House Show Event.

How are you feeling about your music at the moment?

Absolutely and totally fine thanks.

What do you look for to be happy with your own music?

I know that for someone to say I’m “ok” or I’m “fine” can sometimes feel like a bit of a cop-out, but in this industry to be fine I think is pretty amazing, it’s such a hard business and so many hearts are involved. I am happy with my own music when I am willing to defend it.

You’re music is refreshing and vibrant, but how would you define your own music style in a single word?


If you were given the opportunity to duet with anyone in the world (music icon or otherwise) who would you chose and why?

If I could duet with anyone I think I’d love to play with Paul Simon.

What and where was the best gig you’ve ever played so far? What made it so memorable?

It changes by the week, it’s hard to recall, I’ve played lots of amazing shows and some not so amazing. The last one being last weekend at the Great Hall in Dartington, amazing venue, great show. I’m hoping that will fade in to memory after tonight’s show in my flat.

The one album you can’t live without?

Chopin– composed by Frederic Chopin

Where do you take your inspiration from / what makes you want to write songs?

I don’t really know what makes me want to write songs, I guess it’s an urge to communicate myself, and also singing makes you feel good, so I always want to sing. My inspiration comes for some expected places (books, music, TV, lovers, friends, café gazing etc.) and some unexpected (Cows, dust, chemical explosives etc.)

You’ve said before that you’re not really into twitter — any particular reason/s?

I feel sometimes that twitter represents a new age of being. I always think, what would Bob Dylan have done if he had to tweet to become successful. I find it hard to throw statements out there and sit and hope someone’s listening. I prefer conversation.

Liz Lawrence | Interview | Rare Live Stream Gig
You have roots in punk and ska, do you feel that influences your style now — if so, how so?

I guess, right now I’m listening to a Misty in Roots vinyl, classic reggae, I have always loved the songs, the tone, the guitars, it makes me feel like I’m the kind of person I always wanted to be. And the punk still lies in my blood, R.I.P Joe Strummer. All this kind of thing informs ones decisions about how they want to create work and be seen by the world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I’d like to have lived in San Francisco, be dating a marvellous writer, be making my best work ever, something like the 3rd album at this point, I’d like to be able to speak German pretty well after having lived and written in Berlin. Maybe I’ll have a bicycle in Amsterdam. I’d like to have an important and well informed voice and be invited to speak on certain issues on radio 4.

You’re gigging online on the 26th, it’s a little bit different to your conventional gig – how are you feeling about it? Was there anything specific that made you want to do it online?

This is tonight and I’m so excited. My friends are coming round. I’ve put a glitter ball up. I’m really excited. I guess you never know how things are going to go, whether or not people are going to tune in… This is when twitter does become useful!

Streaming live online creates an interesting dynamic setting — do you think you’ll feel any different when performing from a location of your choice when a viewer is in theirs also?

I’ve never done it before so I’m really intrigued. I wonder if the anonymity of the audience will make me braver or whether I will find it all a bit weird and modern. I’ve put lots of nice things up in my flat to keep my nerves straight… here goes.

So don’t miss the stream of Liz Lawrences’ first ever streamed acoustic gig. You can follow the event on her Official Liz Lawrence Live Stream Website. The show starts Tonight (26−11−12) at 3pm EST, make sure you check it out.

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