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History Of The Trade | One Arm's Length | Single Review

With successes such as supporting the likes of Feeder and Florence and the Machine, you’d expect great things from History of the Trade. Yet it’s not until the chorus of their track One Arm’s Length that they really show their true colours and play into a comfortable stride. The steadily increasing pace is enjoyable, the track progressing into a more commercial and mainstream set up.

‘Everything is kept at one arm’s length’ suggests a song about something a little torturous and a little painful, sung empathetically so that the listener can feel the emotion of their words. What makes History of the Trade interesting however is that the lyrics are almost obsolete when the track is taken as a whole. The blend of the music, lyrics and harmonies create a track which works as a sum of its parts and doesn’t need to be divided into individual elements to extract its worth at the tracks peak points. History of the Trade are definitely onto a winner.

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Posted on Tue 20th November 2012 and filed under Reviews, Singles.

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