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Liz Lawrence | Oo Song | Single Review

If you haven’t heard of Liz Lawrence, then now is the time to get listening out for her. Her vocals are like silk to your ears with an added edge that leaves you feeling refreshed and contented. Somewhat resonant of the likes of Florence and the Machine, there is suggested power behind her voice that isn’t quite used to its full advantage. There is simply something beautiful in the way she performs Oo Song that makes you want to hear more, ‘All those seeds you sow / where do they go’, placing a smile on your face no matter what your mood.

With a clever title like Oo Song, Lawrence sets you up for a clever little number in tow – and she doesn’t disappoint. Indeed the chorus consists of varying intonations of ‘uh-oo, ooo’, which is to be expected, but becomes something a little bit special when sung by her sweetened vocals and are memorable from the first listen. The fact you can easily sing along without fear of getting the lyrics wrong is an added bonus.

What’s more interesting about her song however, is the fact you can take several layers from it. Whether your wanting a song for face-value happiness with a cheery back track and lifting guitar riff, or something with deeper meaning on the ever-popular subject of love and loss; ‘the seasons change but that quite frankly bores you’, Lawrence has it all and executes it with deceptive ease.

Engaging and mesmerising even on record, Lawrence has produced something that many artists fail to achieve — a song worth listening to from beginning to end, and then placed on repeat.

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Posted on Fri 16th November 2012 and filed under Reviews, Singles.

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