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Damn Vandals | This Amazing | Single Review

This single, taken from London based Damn Vandals’ recently released début album Done For Desire, is a joy. It is two tracks of tasteful rock music writing. On first listen you will find that it sounds instantly classic, it reminds me of the epically sprawling American rock music of thirty years ago. But this time it isn’t good because you have heard it before, it is good because this time a band has written music that is instantly classic.

Its key stand out point is the vocals. Deep, raw and very distinctive they are rocky but without any hint of pretension. They sound like the gravelly vocals of a tormented soul and layered over the solid musical background and beautifully subtly written guitar melodies it is a pleasure to hear. Speaking of the guitar melodies soaring over the tracks, they are inspired. They aren’t trying to be flashy like so many other bands making this kind of music. The playing isn’t from your average virtuoso-wannabe, it’s not trying to hog all your attention, it’s there to add to the whole aura of the tracks. It adds the extra dimension that separates this band from the rest. The landscapes they paint are vast, flat and epic. Instantly romantic but deeply masculine at the same time. The only thing this reviewer would say is that I would like to hear more of the guitar, but what more can I say? The tracks reverberate with quality on every beat and they are well worth checking out for yourself.

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Posted on Thu 15th November 2012 and filed under Reviews, Singles.

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