The Ozzy Osbourne’s Video Slot

Got some time to kill or just fancy some fast easy fun & a chance to Win some cool CASH?

Come join the Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne and his manic family with crazy infighting, gags & pet madness, Yep it’s TV’s most infamous family — and Spin Palace have sent them spinning into the world’s most outrageous iPhone Casino Video Slot Game ever!

The Osbournes Video Slot is gonna rock your world with it’s exclusive dysfunctional super cool features — check out the on-screen trail feature as it unfolds atop the reels for a true family feast.

Ozzy Osbourne | Video Slots | iPhone

Spin Palace’s exclusive Osbournes iPhone Casino captures the outrageous family capers with classically rendered graphics – sending Ozzy, Jack, Sharon, Kelly and the family pooch spinning before your eyes.….. if you’ve never partied with the Osbournes, you’re going to be lavished with a fizz of free spins, multiplier boosts and cool cash prizes.

How’s this sound? Ozzy is handing out a whopping base jackpot of 75000.00 for anyone with the nerve to really make it to the big time – with a party popping 150000.00 in Free Spins and a further 50000.00 with the new and exclusive Door Knocker bonus!

Ozzy Osbourne | Video Slots | Free money | iPhone

Wondering where Mini the families pooch got to? Mini features as the indicator in the worlds first ever on-screen slot trail Bonus! Match 3,4, or 5 Minis across the reels and trigger 10 Free Spins! Better still you’ll set Mini trotting across the screen in search of Kelly, Jack, Sharon and Ozzy — with 4 progressive slot payout levels…

So next time ya waiting to collect some tickets why not take Ozzy and his crazed family for a spin — and Win back those Ticket Costs with his major CASH prizes.

IPhone, Droid most any smartphone will do, visit Spin Palace now.

Sign up for free and join the crazies family party ever!

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Posted on Wed 7th March 2012 and filed under Hot.

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