How do they get the talent?

Have you ever wondered how fashion stylists find models for their fashion shows or how independent film directors and producers bring their story to life and bring you that piece of multimedia art known as film? If we take film as the example, there is so many people to recruit, you will need Actors, Actresses, Film Crews and not to mention the stylists and costume designers. Even after you have got all them in place you still need to present it to the world and promote the feature. The whole process from start to finish is an exciting process and it starts with placing the right talent to an idea. This process fascinates New Beats Media and we have tracked down Raj the Creative Consultant at iStarNext to tell us all about the new, slicker way to recruit talent.

For people who are not aware of iStarNext, could you briefly explain what you do?

We provide a platform for upcoming young stars to reach professional companies who are on the search for the next big talent.

Who uses iStarNext? Who does it appeal to?

The audience is widespread, basically anyone who has a talent or looking to recruit a person with the talent.

So your looking for talent, how easy is it to place an advert on iStarNext?

It’s a very easy step, simply place your talent call on the dedicated Talent Call website, but we are stringent with who we approve, we only work with the real players.

With this being such a great resource for the advertisers surely it costs?

Not a dime for the advertisers.

What makes iStarNext different? Why should they use you?

It a social talent network, so gives people the ability share their talent with others. Our customers know we only use credible advertisers and we ensure to help talent progress.

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What makes iStarNext tick? What inspires you to succeed?

Seeing young fresh talent being given an opportunity to show their talents. This is something that is very important for us and strives us to keep on improving iStarNext.

From your answers it is clear to see you value honesty and helping people succeed very highly, you strengthen this idea with your ambitions to help fund worthy projects with your own money. This very commendable and sometimes what an exciting project needs. Can you tell us more about this?

We can see the British film industry needs more support, and this is our way of showing that support. If funding from iStarNext can generate new opportunities for the youth, then that’s valuable.

You have 20+ years experience in fashion, film and entertainment, how did you end up with building istarnext?

We felt our passion to help and our experience was a perfect match. We got thinking creatively and thought, social media is big, and theres a big demand for fame, so we put the two together along with our passion and ambition to improve the opportunities in the industry and came up with what you see today.

So it’s a new year, what has 2012 have in store for iStarNext?

We are focused on growing istarNext’s into Europe’s leading social talent platform improving opportunities for young talents and making a real refreshing difference in this industry. Other plans include expanding into Indias huge market to hopefully become a leading supplier of talent to the Bollywood film industry.

Sum up iStarNext in 3 words.

Its all in our strapline “your talent shared”.

So we know about the company now for the man that gives iStarNext the creative edge.

How would you describe your sartorial style?

I’m suits man, think Ozwald Boateng and Jasper Littman.

Who do you consider the most stylish actor?

It’s got to be Steve McQueen with his tailor cut suits, watch the The Thomas Crown Affair and you’ll know what I mean.

Whats on your ipod?

Coldplay, 50cent and Jay Sean.

Who is your favourite actor?

Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Robert Carlyle, I also think Cameron Diaz is great actress.

So there you have it. To get quality talent it is as easy as placing a free advert on iStarNext. So if you are shooting a new video and need dancers or backing singers or if you are shooting a film and need actors then get over to iStarnext​.info to place your free advert now.

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