Saskia Says : Let Go

There’s nothing better on a beautiful sunny day like today then to have a track that reflects the wonderful weather. That’s precisely what Saskia Says’ new single Let Go does. The song opens with a flourish of summery instruments such as ukuleles and spacious piano chords whilst a swing drumbeat drives the track along, as Saskia’s sharp crisp vocals are brought in.

Many a comparison could be made to an artist such as Lily Allen but what separates this aside is the jazzier accompaniment that the backing band provides. There is a very bouncy uplifting feel from the music and it is a great example of a pop/jazz song. Harmonies shine in the chorus helping Saskia convey her message of letting go of what holds you back from love. A darker theme for what is a brighter, happier piece of music. However after the melodrama the audience is hit with a simple yet memorable guitar line that is dominant but allows for space, letting the piano fill in the gaps.

This is the kind of music made for beaches and picnics and is a brilliant sound track to anyone’s day to help shake off the April shower blues. Summer may not be here yet but already a contender for the summer anthem has surfaced. Saskia Says is a promising young star, whose simple yet catchy songs could propel her to stardom.

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Posted on Thu 14th April 2011 and filed under Reviews, Singles.

2 Comments for “Saskia Says : Let Go”

  1. anonymous

    Fabulous, very uplifting. Hope to see more of them ;)

  2. Sarah

    Couldn’t agree more!
    Love this song, soundtrack to the summer!

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