Kyshera - Know Your Enemy

After listening it’s clear that lyrically the song is politically themed. Musically it’s just pure aggression. This is a band that is angry at the current state of affairs and they’re not afraid to show it. The track opens with a simple groove that doesn’t play for long before James Kennedy’s vocals pour in. They sound raw but refined and his echoed notes about the current state of government filter in brilliantly. Before uttering ‘they’re all criminals now’ with a shimmering guitar line the groove kicks back out progressing to a powerful almost epic chorus that is simple but executed well.

There are definite similarities to the political rap rock group Rage Against The Machine but the longer drawn out phrases in the vocals give them their own edge. The bridge ups the pace for a mosh worthy riff that although not needed, shows how dynamic the band is prepared to be. After a final chorus they do a trademark Rage Against The Machine move and start a slow build up until a powerful onslaught brings the ending as James screams ‘I know my enemy, and he’s always with me’. Yes, this music has been done before, but at least it’s nice to see music representing society at the moment and quite frankly it’s James’ vocals that are the highpoint of this great example of a protest song.

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Posted on Tue 12th April 2011 and filed under Reviews, Singles.

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