A Hope For A Generation?

Listening to Micaelyn Traut’s single Shake it off for the first time and I’m not afraid to admit it certainly has me shaking my thing! A catchy intro leads you effortlessly into lyrics that are beyond the singer’s age of 16.

Having listened to Rebecca Black’s single Friday earlier this week, it’s safe to see why people have little hope in her generation. Which is a complete shame, because if singers like Micaelyn are around then we should be worrying about when the take-over is going to happen!

Her voice is pure and she pulls off the notes seamlessly, making it sound almost easy! You can definitely tell she has fun putting this track together and that shines through and gets everyone into the swing of it. In my opinion it’s an instant club classic.

Either way, 16 or 60, this song is going on my Friday night playlist.

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Posted on Fri 1st April 2011 and filed under Reviews, Singles.

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