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‘Defend Pop Punk’ is Man Overboard’s motto and I can’t think of a better ambassador than this band. Being a relatively new fan, I only discovered them through the hype surrounding their latest album Real Talk. The album received rave reviews from Alter The Press, Amp Magazine and Absolute Punk so I was keen to jump on the bandwagon – boy am I glad I did! They are a true pop punk gem and I would strongly recommend a listen. I caught up with Justin (guitar) and was later joined by Zac (guitar/vocals), to see how they are getting on and what we can expect from them this year.

How’s the tour going so far? Are you happy to be back in the UK?

Yeah, we were here with Transit and All Or Nothing – actually, the All Or Nothing dudes are here right now, ‘cos they are from here. It was cool to come with them and do a headliner in December and it’s cool to come back and do a support tour with Senses Fail.

What are the guys in Senses Fail like? Are you a fan of the band?

We have known Buddy for a long time, he’s cool. They are all cool. They have a little bit of a new line up but it’s neat because Jason [Black] is in Hot Water Music, Matt [Smith] is in Strike Anywhere and Zack [Roach] is a crazy metal guitar player with long hair. So it’s cool to hang out with those dudes.

You had your headline tour in December last year. Did you enjoy it? Were you pleased with the reception?

It was awesome, especially the UK shows. They were pretty insane which we weren’t expecting.

Do you have a favourite city here? Is there one place that goes mad for you in particular?

I would say Leeds, Kingston and Glasgow were the craziest ones. We played Glasgow two days ago, it was cool. From what I heard, everyone in Leeds smokes a lot ‘cos when we played our gig at The Well, Transit played first and then everyone left. We thought ‘no one in Leeds likes us’ but then when we started playing, everyone came back in. They were all outside smoking and apparently that is just what happens in Leeds.

Man Overboard and Transit 08

Your album ‘Real Talk’ has been likened to Taking Back Sunday and Brand New by the website Alter The Press, are they the sort of artists that inspire you?

Yeah for sure! Save The Day, Brand New, New Found Glory are all bands that we love.

As the band is named after the Blink 182 song, are you guys pleased that they have re-formed?

We love Blink and that is where the band name is from but I haven’t seen them since they got back together. I think it’s funny ‘cos they were never the tightest band in the world and it’s not like they had anything special up their sleeve, they we just like ‘yeah we are a band again’.

You have the song ‘Fantasy Girl’ who would you describe as your fantasy girl?

Ooh, erm… She has to like Coca Cola, Punk Rock and Harry Potter.

In many of your songs you are often talking about girls, are you good with ladies?

(Laughs) Erm, I would say we are pretty good with the ladies.

What are your plans for the summer? Any festival appearances?

We are coming back in July and August with Polar Bear Club. I don’t know if we are playing any festivals in the UK but we are playing Fluff Fest in the Czech Republic and Bamboozle in the US.

That’s a shame, you guys would be great for Slam Dunk Festival!

I know, the reason we are not playing is because we will be recording a new album then, so what are you gonna do? Last year was such a good line-up that this year it is gonna be hard to top it.

*Zac (Man Overboard’s guitarist/ vocalist) walks past*

Justin: Hey there’s Zac! Come and do this interview with me… So they asked if you are good with the ladies?

Zac: Me?

Justin: Yeah

Zac: No, I think that if I was, we wouldn’t have as many songs.

Justin: We all have girlfriends apart from our drummer but I don’t think he has any game.

Zac: No, I think even when we were single though, none of us were particularly smooth. I think you [Justin] are probably the best. You have good ideas for dates and stuff, I’m just like ‘do wanna smoke and watch a movie?’

Justin: Yeah, I’m a romantic.

What does this year have in store for you?

Justin: We are doing the US and Canada with the Wonder Years and then Senses Fail– two different tours. After that we are playing Bamboozle with Motley Crue, ICP, Lil’ Wayne.

Zac: Obviously there isn’t any Senses Fail, New Found Glory or anyone who we are really fans of.

Justin: Yeah, so then we are doing a new album and we are coming back here with Polar Bear Club.

Busy year! Do you not get a lot of time off then?

Justin: No. Well between Senses Fail and going to record, which is like a good month, that we will have off from touring but we have to demo the new album and stuff so there is no real time off.

Zac: Yeah, we don’t really get any time off from each other.

So there you have it! Justin is the best with the ladies but only interested if you like Coca-Cola, Harry Potter and Pop Rock and if you prefer a more low key kind of date, Zac is your man. You can catch the band when they come back to the UK with Polar Bear Club in July and their fantastic album Real Talk is available now.

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  1. Chris

    Thanks go to Neil Wheeler for providing the video of Man Overboard performing She’s Got Her Own Man Now live at the 02 Academy Birmingham.

    For more videos of Senses Fail please visit Neil’s Youtube page — http://​www​.youtube​.com/​u​s​e​r​/​n​e​i​I​o​f​t​h​e​y​ear

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