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After reading New Beats Media’s ‘Featured Artists’ article on Chris Cape, I was extremely intrigued as to what an ‘indie space-rapper’ sounds like. I heard his new EP was streaming on the official website (chriscape​.com). So I logged on to find out what I was missing out on!

The EP titled Message From Outer Space consists of 3 songs, with each track bringing something different to the table. The EP starts with Superstars which has a real jazzy feel about it with trumpets piping in from the very beginning. When the chorus kicks in, so does a soulful voice which gives the song a different dynamic. It nicely breaks up the rapping and gives listeners a chance to sing-a-long and become familiar with a melody. The song contains lyrics that are so fraught with attitude they could rival Katy Perry’s and you can’t help but tap or nod along to it.

Major Tom is the song which is accompanied by a music video. Today the video has been released into the world of YouTube and you can view it right here. The video, continuing on with the space theme, is set in a space ship and shows Chris Cape partying with his friends on their way through outer space. There are even a few dance moves thrown in to the mix. The song has hints of the Bloodhound Gang’s Bad Touch (without the rude lyrics!), so have a listen if you are a fan of that.

My favourite track on the EP has to be the bonus track Major Tom (Reprise). The song has a big summery vibe about it and it is a great track to wind down the EP. It seems as though everyone making this song was just jamming in the studio having a good time and I can see this being played in the park on a hot, summer day.

Judging by the first listen of the EP, I wasn’t too certain. Is Chris Cape’s music so alien (pardon the pun) from the mainstream that people will find it a step too far ahead of the trend? Hell no! Within hours I found myself humming Superstars and the more I listened, the more I liked. I would recommend Chris Cape to fans of 3OH!3, Hadouken! and Midnight Beast, all of these bands are known for doing something original and Chris Cape is very much following in their footsteps.

You cannot say Chris Cape is sitting back and letting people come to him. With a blog, a Myspace page, a Facebook profile and constant Twitter updates Chris Cape is hungry for recognition. So is the sky the limit for this space man? I think not. I think there is a lot more to come…

You can purchase the EP Message From Outer Space through chriscape​.com and you can view the video for Major Tom, amongst various other Chris Cape clips on ChrisCapeTV.

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Posted on Wed 12th January 2011 and filed under EPs, Reviews.

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