Purple Kloud - Tha Candle Cravingz EP

Listening to Purple Kloud’s sound track, Tha Candle Cravingz EP, it is clear from the first song that Purple Kloud has created a new sound. Tha Candle Cravingz EP is an adventurous and successful alternative mix of acoustic and R&B. This album is an insightful adventure in today’s music industry, breaking away from commercial rap.

Listening to the entire album I can only conclude that there is a wide variety of genres from the engaged listening to the easy listening, songs to match any mood.

I will of course not claim that this is for everyone, I would suggest this to those that are searching for something new, maybe you haven’t found exactly the kind of music that suits you? If so then you should give this a try. It’s new, original, alternative, unique, mellow and yet also engaging.

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In its changing new approach to rap, a better and I’ll bet more popular change, is it is suitable to all ages without being childish or ‘disney’. Put it on in the car or house without fear of the little ears picking up something they shouldn’t.

If your looking for a straight forward comparison in order to judge whether or not you should listen to this album then the best similarity I can give Purple Kloud is by saying that although it is very unique it also still encompasses a certain Lighthouse Family vibe, and we all know there is no better vibe then a Lighthouse Family vibe!

The only reason I can think of not to listen to this album would be if your in a comfortable and un-moving rut listening to the pop and ‘communally popular’ music today.

Purple Kloud is a genre of music that is capable of standing up on its own. In short summary of this album: creative, different, very ‘listenable’!

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Posted on Mon 8th November 2010 and filed under EPs, Reviews.

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