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After leaving the confort of his home country, family and friends and moving to the UK to persue his dreams, Chris Cape has had many life-changing experiences, some for better, some for worse. Even after a serious wrist injury that stopped him playing guitar, he is on the up and luckily positive things have come from it. With his music video for his song Major Tom and his Message from Outter Space EP being released shortly Chris Cape’s career is deffinitely going places, here Chris tells his story, ambitions and achievements.

Firstly, how long have you been making music? How did you first realize that that’s what you wanted to do and were good at it?

Music from day one for me, used to make beats on the nappy container with a wooden spoon while my mom played the piano. Both of my parents are musicians and so is my sister so it’s always been a big part of my life. I Paid my way through school by playing the cello and then I moved to the UK without finishing school to become a guitar hero. Then 4 years later and a life changing wrist injury here I am, a song writing indie-space-rapper.

Your music is different to a lot of music out there, especially in the mainstream, who would you say your influences are? What attracts you to your sort of genre of music?

I don’t intentionally make any genre of music. It just happens. My favourite bands are Pink Floyd and Grandaddy…I like Graham Nash…hip hop minds like Kanye West and Nas…old metal bands Iron Maiden and Metallica. The list just goes on and on… My music has changed so much in the past 3 years as I’ve developed as a writer; all my influences surface at some point. In Between Us by Scarface and Nas is a big one for me at the moment.

You’ve had a few high profile gigs this summer, Beach Break, Glastonbury and various Radio shows, how has it been for you? Do you feel it’s helped you progress doing bigger events?

It has helped loads. I have become monstrous stage energy over the summer thanks to these gigs and I’m ready to destroy every single university in the UK. Wembley Arena in 2011 for sure.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement so far?

Leaving my life in Africa, school, friends, family and security to pursue a dream. Fairly big I’d say.

You have had quite a packed summer by the looks of it, what have you got planned for the rest of this year?

Everything I’m doing at the moment is building up to the release of my music video Major Tom and the related Message from Outer-Space Ep. This stuff is going to be the big Cape launch. Other than those too I have a gig with Clement Marfo coming up which I’m super amped for.

What is your ambition for the future?


What is your favourite part of being a musician?

ready to destroy every single university in the UK

The worst thing about being a musician is also the best. You never know how a day will turn out. It’s a lank unstable existence which brings stress but also immense excitement. Boring doesn’t exist.

Do you see yourself branching out into different styles of music?

I write all sorts of music including folk. I hope to do some work with Die Antword affiliate DJ Solarize in South Africa around Christmas time.

Do you have collaborative work in the pipeline?

I hope to do some work with Die Antword affiliate DJ Solarize in South Africa around Christmas time. I am also working with Akil the MC of Jurassic 5 on an interview for ChrisCape​.com, that’s a relationship I’d love to develop.

On your MySpace it says that you shared a stage with Jarvis Cocker, explain?!

Well…I ran on stage during his set and jumped around. He was on the stage. I was on the stage. We shared the stage.

Some of our inside sources tell us you’re an athlete?

Big time!!!!! I run as far and often as I can. I am Getting back into it. 2 years ago I was doing half marathons frequently but I got a bit too enthusiastic and got plantar fasciitis (a sore foot) which put me out for ages. My stage performance has become more and more intense over the last few months and I’ve had to really push my fitness levels to be able to keep the energy levels high during shows

To get your own slice of the Cape Experience then check out his Twitter and ChrisCape​.com

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