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Liverpool artist KOF announces himself to the wider UK music scene with his debut single Fire It Up featuring, well-respected Grime artist and member of Roll Deep, Wiley, and up and coming Liverpool vocalist, Chelcee Grimes. KOF describes his style as Mesh music meaning a combination of Urban and Dance genres. NBM caught up with KOF to find out more about the man behind the music.

KOF, do you think Fire It Up has been well-received?

Yeah it’s definitely has been well received and has reached some places that my previous songs haven’t in terms of being played on certain radio stations and also the places that it’s being played in terms of clubs. The video has just been added to MTV base too which has been something that I’ve wanted to happen for a long time. I feel the song is a natural progression from what I’ve been making over the past few years and it has a nice blend of commerciality and undergroundness to be a success. I’ve made up both of those words but they fit what I’m trying to say perfectly haha!

Wiley is a well-known UK artist, what was it like working with him?

Working with Wiley was one of those things were at the time you don’t actually believe that it’s happening. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and when I first heard him recording in the studio it was crazy; there were a few people in the room that I had brought through with me and although nobody said anything, I know we all felt the same feeling. It was weird, everybody was just silent, listening. We recorded a couple of tunes in both my studio and his and I learnt that his work rate is insane. I’m glad that I’ve been able to work with someone that is as creative and influential within our music as him.

Chelcee won Juice FM’s search for a star in late 2009, how were you two introduced and what was it like working with such a new and exciting talent?

Chelcee is a real star in the making; she knows where she wants to go and she truly believes that she’ll get there. With the talent that she has it’s hard to see otherwise. This was the first track we recorded together. We were introduced through another artist and I’d seen some of here youtube video and I was very impressed I’d already tried a few different vocalists on the track but she fit it the best so it was only right that I kept her vocals on the song.

Has a release date for your album been confirmed?

your either gonna like it, or your gonna love it

I’m in the process of finishing off the last few tracks but it will be definitely out spring 2011.

What can people expect from your album?

They can expect the unexpected. The title I have for it at the moment is the Un-expected Fulfilment. Since I started recording music and performing I still hear people say to me “I don’t usually like this type of music, but I like the stuff you do”. I guess this is where I fit in. I make the music that I like and your either gonna like it, or your gonna love it. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but it’s gonna be hard not to move your head to the music and it’s gonna be hard not to connect to the lyrics. It’s basically gonna be a mixture of all the styles I like to listen to. Hip-hop, RnB, Dub-step, House, Dance. I’m into so many types of sounds and genres that it would be hard for the music I make not to reflect that.

Have you lined up any major collaborations for any of your album tracks?

Not as yet but I have a few people in mind on my wish list that I want to work with. I’d love to do a proper collaboration with Kano. Somehow I’m gonna do something with Rusko and I’d love to get a beat off Calvin Harris too. Other than those, I’m happy to just do me on the album and possibly work with more of the talent that is coming up around me.

Are there any further singles and live dates planned for the rest of 2010?

Yeah I have my second single All Good set to be released mid November so will be planning a lot of promotion around that. I’ve also just been selected to join the MOBO tour which I’m very excited for. I’ve got a showcase coming up in London too on the 7th of October which is being held in Madame JoJo’s in Soho. I’m doing some tour support with Professor Green and I’ve got few other events that I’ll be involved in too. All my dates and stuff are regularly updated on my site kofmusic​.com

Can KOF fans expect a UK tour to promote your up and coming album or will they have to wait post release of the album?

I’ll definitely be coming to a city near you before and after the album drops so the best thing to do is keep an ear and eye out for when that is exactly gonna be.

What has been your stand out moment of your career so far?

I was and still am playing at Glastonbury but now that Fire It Up has been added to MTV base that’s also a major milestone for me. Glasto was an amazing experience and I don’t think I’ll ever have one quite the same as that again in terms of the whole un-unexpectedness of the situation. It’s definitely something that I want to do again so hopefully 2011 will see me hit another Glasto stage.

How important is commercial success to you?

It’s important to be because I want to be a successful artist at a commercial level but I would never sacrifice what I believe in to get to that level. The music that I make has always had a commercial appeal to it whilst still being able to walk that line of underground edge. It’s not something that has been manufactured but that has evolved and moulded as I’ve grown as an artist and tried to push my sound further.

What is your opinion of local commercial radio stations that don’t support local music?

nice blend of commerciality and undergroundness

To be honest, I can’t understand it. You would think that local stations would champion and get behind their artists especially when bigger and more national stations are already playing these artists. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess there is some sort of politics involved. It’s crazy to me though. Since I started making music though, I’ve always encountered some people who don’t believe in me but they usually end up changing their mind about what I’m doing. I believe that all you can do is beat them in the head with good music until they have no choice but to listen to it, or if they ain’t feelin it, just go elsewhere until they recognize that they just never had the ear for it when they had the opportunity to get on it early.

What is next for Kof?

Finish my album, get loads more music out there as in collabs and specials. Set up a tour and make sure I try and reach as many people and break as many necks with my music as possible; just keep making good music and open as many doors for myself and the people who are set to follow me.

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