Semi Precious Weapons and Alphabeat Support Lady Gaga in the M.E.N Arena

Semi Precious Weapons | 06.29.07
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There is a New York band that are about to make it big. Semi Precious Weapons from Brooklyn, take rock and glamour to the next level. Led by the loud rough vocals of lead singer Justin Tranter, his voice is prominent over the mash up of guitars, loud drums and bass. But don’t worry, it sounds great!

They are a garage rock band that is all about the visual. It’s not just their music, it’s their look, their performance live that make them what they are. They are entertaining to watch and really get into their performance, bringing the crowd with them. They know how to get people’s attention and then keep it-how can you keep your eyes of the band members, pretending (I think) to take each other out on stage!

Talented, they stay active throughout each song, but Tranter never forgets the audience by keeping them entertained, shocking them and making them laugh through his (almost) taboo x-rated nature! They are certainly ready for the limelight so find them on MySpace and their EP is available at www​.semipreciousweapons​.com I recommend if you’re aged sixteen and over!

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Alphabeat but where have they been for a while? After their major success in 2008, Alphabeat seemed to slowly fade away until we found new “fascinations.” But they seem to be back by supporting Lady Gaga on her UK tour. It’s not a major comeback, considering that they were the ones with support acts two years ago, but they are back anyway and personally I’m really happy about it! I was desperate to see them live in 2008 but was unable to. Now I can!

They bring with them a second brand new single from their second album, The Beat is… The single, Hole In My Heart doesn’t sound as upbeat at the start as what you’re used to with Alphabeat but soon picks up the pace and you realise that their sound may have changed ever so slightly. Once an 80’s influenced pop band, the band from Denmark has signed to a new label since their last major success and their new single has a slightly more “dance” feel to it. But don’t worry they are still the same Alphabeat! So I look forward to any more singles from their new album that is soon to come.

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